When the first M1 launched, my Macbook Pro was 7 years old and I was ready for a replacement. Outside of the need to run Brew using Rosetta (see M1 Mac Home Brew), I can't say I noticed anything. I haven't really bothered to try to update anything to M1 native, as it has been plenty performant.

However, now my VM server is 7 years old, and I am replacing it with a Studio. Already, I am feeling issues, even though I haven't gotten the new machine yet.

Post Setup


Unfortunately, I chose to use a sandisk extreme for external storage, and I am seeing all kinds of bad press about these failing without warning. I returned it and got a samsung T7 instead.

I specifically will be looking into whether I can make a virtual OS to run older versions of Adobe on M1. This doesn't sound like it is going to work based on the research I have done so far, but here are my notes that I am keeping as I go along:

Running Older Mac Os

And one other thing, I have some x86 linux binaries I need to run on arm64, here is my research on that:

Running Other Architectures In Linux

Are There Performance Issues On Apple

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